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Uses for colanders, besides straining spuds

Splatter blocker Place upside down on a frying pan that is splattering... protect your yourself from burns and your oven from mess.
Outdoor planter Line a stainless stain colander with peat moss, add potting soil and a trailing plant such as ivy geraniums or oxalis and use to bling out an en plein air dinner.
Crafting assistant Use the colander to great advantage by keeping balls of wool or twine in it; simply thread the ends out of the colander to prevent knotting and promote easy access. 
Separator Use your handy colander to strain yogurt and soft cheeses like ricotta. 
Bug tent Great way to keep your meat bug free in a cook out.  
Steamer basket Perfect for cooking beans and broccoli. 
Lamp shade Fun, industrial application for a metal colander.  


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