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Those bad habits are costing you!

Bad habits. Everyone has them. Ones as seemingly harmless as procrastinating, watching too much TV, neglecting your house. But bad habits can also cost you your health and your pocketbook. Tightwad isn't getting on the soapbox here, better believe it, she has lots of bad habits. She simply cannot avoid a bowl of chips and salsa, a glass of wine or putting off exercise. What's a real wake up call for bad habits is the cost of them. Here are some compelling facts on some biggies and not so biggies (obviously estimated - and conservative - prices):

Take out coffee: $1.75 x 5 weekdays = $8.55/week or $455/year (without the doughnut!)
Take out latte:  $3.75 x 5 weekdays = $18.75/week or $975/year (still no doughnut!)
Lunch out: $10 x 5 weekdays = $50/week or $2,600/year!!!!!!!
Bottle of vino: $10/bottle once a week = $520/year; two bottles a week equals about $1,040 a year!
Pack of cigarettes: $11/pack- depending on frequency. Pack a day? That is over $4,000 a year. Below is a calculator from Ecigarette Direct to find out how much it is costing you.
Gallon of ice cream: $8.75 a week or about $450 a year.

Now feeling a renewed sense of virtuosity, Tightwad is now off to get some exercise and pack her lunch for the day.

Created by ECigarette Direct


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