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Saving with the 'mobile office' concept

In the digital age it has never been easier to establish a mobile office. We are more connected and informed than we have ever been with the range of gadgets we have at our disposal. The modern office can be as basic as a simple laptop or even just a smart phone. The financial advantages of adopting such a work model are numerous, some of the most significant are examined below:
There's no office rent and utility bills to pay Working from a personal laptop based anywhere in the world frees you from the static nature of the traditional office base. This flexibility means you can abandon the need to inhabit a building to conduct business in and in the process make considerable savings on the long list of expenses required to own and maintain a work space.
You can work wherever and whenever you need to As a mobile worker you are always connected to the resources you need. The modern laptop has enough processing power and memory to deal with essentially any business task you're likely to encounter. Always being available to chat to clients and address problems and issues responsively will give you a distinct advantage over your competitor's 9-5 regimen.
Less time traveling and more time working By far one of the strongest virtues of the mobile office is the freedom from the daily commute it offers. While others routinely waste hours of their day in traffic coming to and from the work place, you can put that time to good use and actually complete significantly more work within the same amount of 'working hours' as a competitor who has to commute to and from the office.
Improved productivity Working remotely ensures you are free from the usual office distractions. You do not spend time chatting with co-workers about the weather. When you decide to work, put your work cap on and focus entirely on your work performance, quality and efficiency. This tunnel vision attitude to your work ethic will result in you getting even more out of the hours you are working compared to working in an office environment where the attitude can often be to space work out to 'run out the clock.'. When you are working with the mobile office concept you can knock off early if you work hard and finish the tasks you've allocated for the day.
The sense of freedom You have to work hard if you want to be successful. However, the nature of working from a mobile office can give you a useful perspective on your work habits. You are free to take a break as and when you choose, you control the tempo and intensity of your working day. The initiative is placed entirely on you as an individual as to whether you want to succeed or not. This self affirming perspective can be an incredibly motivating force.
This article was provided by Todd McCullough, an independent business finance researcher. He enjoys writing informative financial themed articles for financing and loan companies.


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