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Saving strategies at the grocery store

Whether you clip coupons, follow flyers and buy items like rice and beans in bulk, you know there are ways to save in the grocery store. But here are some more!
Watch the price scanner You stand to gain if the price scanned on an item at checkout is higher than the price advertised or displayed in the store. Because of the "Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code" that most of the big players abide by, the lower price will be honoured, plus, the product is yours at no cost if its value is less than $10. If the price is higher than $10, the retailer is to give you a discount of $10 off the corrected amount. Some staff members might not be aware of the code so if they won’t uphold the code, ask to speak to a manager.
Get a rain check If there’s a terrific price on a must-have item but it’s sold out, ask for a raincheck!
Choose organics frugally See the Environmental Working Group’s shopping guides: the “Dirty Dozen” (fruits and vegetables most contaminated with chemicals) and the “Clean 15” (the produce least laden with toxic substances). That way you know what you can compromise on in terms of what you buy that is organic.
Stick to the edges Load up your cart with items that are found along the store’s perimeter - that's where the healthy stuff is that is perishable, needs replenishing often and keep cool lives - in order words, where you can find the non-processed stuff you should be putting in your cart.
Decrease meat intake Beef, poultry and seafood are much more expensive than meals made of beans, legumes and veggies - and less healthy. Find a way to compromise. Reduce your meat portions and supplement your salad with garbanzo beans, for example.
Read the fine print The most accurate way to compare prices is to check unit prices, which are usually listed in tiny print at a bottom corner of a price tag.
Use more than your brain Bargain items are never at eye-level. Look high and low for good buys and generic brands. Also beware of the olfactory factor or you will find yourself loading up on stuff not on your list such as fresh baked pretzels from the bakery aisle and imported orchids from the floral department. 
Remember the basics of smart shopping Plan meals in advance. Stick to a list. Never shop when you’re hungry.


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