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Save on Valentine's flowers

Less is more Roses are traditional on Valentine's Day, but why buy a dozen? Consider getting six beautiful ones, or if you are at the beginning of your relationship, get a rose per year.
Go to the grocery store This is profit time for the florists. Pick up flowers at the grocery store instead. Multitask - pick up dinner at the same time!
Try something different Roses are in demand on Valentine’s Day, hence the inflated price. Opt for a different bloom like tulips or daisies to save money and give something unexpected.
Check out your local warehouse Stores like Costco sell roses for less and you can usually find a dozen for less.
Enter a coupon code Sites like offer a long list of coupons to save on flowers, so head to the “check out” once you have grabbed one of these money-saving codes.
Buy a plant Buy a planted flower that your honey can appreciate for months and add to the garden in the spring.
DIY Deliver the arrangement yourself. It’s a win win because you will save the delivery charge and it’s super romantic!
Look for a daily deal Check out your favorite daily deal site and keep your eyes open for deals from local nurseries or garden shops.
Go to the dollar store Get your own vase to take to the florist and let them take it off the order!


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I agree with most of the tips-except the first one. I think,Valentine's day is almost one day in the year,except the Anniversary,when you don't have to be stint and think,that sending one rose will save you much more money,then a dozen. Especially for your beloved ones!Don't you think?:)

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