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Save $1,000 this year!

Here are five creative ways to save $1,000 in 2013!
Calculate weekly Your goal will be more achievable when you break it down into manageable pieces. To save $1,000 in a year, you will need to save $20 a week or $83 a month - so use those numbers to help you figure out where you may be able to costs.
Turn down the heat There is a rough rule of thumb that you can reduce your heating bill by about 3% for every degree that you set back your thermostat. Save up to $45 a month with this simple step!
Buy in bulk Buying in bulk saves money overall - up to $20 a week! Consider pooling with friends to take advantage of buying household basics in bulk from larger suppliers.
Brown bag it  Lunch can cost up to $10 per day. Start with packing a lunch twice a week to save $20 and grow from there. To notice the difference, take the $20 and put it in a safe place - watch your lunch costs pile grow!
Use your library card You'd be amazed what you can save using your local library instead of going on Amazon or dropping by the video store. The library has all of these things  - including new releases - for free. It may mean that you get used to using the hold system at the library - but patience pays off - Tightwad just watched Downton Abbey seasons one and two by putting them on hold and waiting a few weeks for notification. Unable to wait for season three, she rented it at the video store, one disc at a time, for a total cost (including late fees) of about $20. As anyone familiar with Downton Abbey knows though, this was one expense that was totally worth it!

What will you cut back on this year to save for your future?


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