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Priceless birthday gift ideas for your partner

We all want to let our significant other know how much we love and appreciate them, unfortunately for the majority of us it's not usually possible to symbolize our love in the form of expensive gifts and fancy treats. However, there are many other ways to show your partner just how you feel about them, these ideas require thought and care, and in this respect may serve you better than opting for the expensive option.
Create a set of coupons Think of clever and fun services and tasks you can present as options that your loved one will really appreciate. You can also show off how well you have been listening to any complaints or praises about what s/he does and doesn't like by incorporating these into the coupons. For bonus points spend some time on the physical presentation of the booklet – make it a beautiful and personalized object.
Write a love song or poem This one is only a good idea if you have some measurable degree of skill or talent in pitching woo with a guitar or romantic verse. If executed correctly this is a guaranteed winner to show someone just how special they are and just how talented and creative you can be. If you feel up to this challenge then remember it's always helpful have a good sense of humour about these things. While some partners may enjoy an overtly sloppy and mushy testimony of love the vast majority will appreciate something a little more light hearted that still embodies the same feelings and message of love and appreciation.
Frame a fond photograph of the two of you together Pick one of your favourite photographs and turning it into a physical reminder of how happy you two are together. Be sure to choose a photo that represents a time in the past that was a lot of fun, such as a holiday snap, to ensure that the photo will always evoke great fondness. This gift gesture has added value in today's digital era when one considers the thousands of images people will often have on their social network profiles. The sheer quantity of these online images can somewhat devalue their meaning. However by choosing one of these photo and having it printed and framed you're making a point about how much that memory of you guys together means to you.
Create a painting or memento You don't have to be a contemporary Michelangelo for this to work as a great gift idea. The key lies in the effort you're willing to put into something that is an expression of your feelings for someone. The meaning and loving sentiment can be applied to the artwork regardless of whether you're opting for a fine art style or something more abstract. Consider using oil paints and painting on to a decent sized canvas board – robust enough to be hung straight on the wall without any framing if your partner really likes it.
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