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Pizza at Tightwads

The only reason why Tightwad doesn't post pictures of her dinners is because she's usually too much in a hurry to eat them. Things may change though, with a little discipline. Was at Trader Joe's yesterday in Bellingham where she discovered TJ's clay oven baked whole wheat lavash bread. At 9.5" x 13" it's the perfect size for pizzas, and it's nice and thin so not super filling. The results were crispy and delicious. Perfect for using up left overs! Three pizzas... all well received. 
Pizza #1: spinach, feta and kalamata olives
Pizza #2: sliced nugget potatoes, pesto, chicken and cheddar 
Pizza #3: chicken, garlic, avocado, cheddar and cilantro 
Stay tuned for more adventures with this awesome flatbread - there is more left in the package!


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