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5 ways to drive off with better car insurance rates

Many drivers take the chance of driving without car insurance. With high rates, it’s not that hard to understand. According to USA Today, one in seven drivers do not have any insurance – a big risk to take. Here are several ways to save some money on your car insurance needs. 
Consolidate You can save money putting all of your insurance policies under one company, such as homeowners and life insurance. Single car insurance rates may be lower from company to company, but if you have a policy for something else, you can get a substantial discount by purchasing from the same company. 
Ask around Do a little online searching for discounts or just make a few calls and ask. It is surprising how willing people are to work with you to get or keep your business. 
Think about what coverage makes sense for your vehicles If you have older cars or other vehicles, it may not be cost friendly to insure them to the max with comprehensive or collision coverage.If you have newer vehicles, though, you probably do want this type of coverage. Just think about what you’re paying for and if it’s worth it. 
Think about what you’re driving Certain cars are a target for criminals to break into or steal, and some are a target for the police (you may be more prone to getting pulled over depending on what you’re driving). It may not be reason enough to trade in your current car, but it’s something to consider when making a new purchase.
Don’t get any traffic violations A clean driving record bodes better for lower insurance rates. Be careful on the roads and avoid getting traffic violations. If you do get one, see what you can do to keep the points off of your record, whether it’s community service or taking a driving class.
Yes, car insurance can be a major part of your budget and not what you’d choose to spend your money on, but it’s not something that’s a good idea to fore go. Without car insurance, you can get yourself into a lot more trouble than the cost of your premiums. Look around, be a smart consumer and drive off with a car insurance policy that will meet your needs and budget. 
Heather Legg is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics including working from home, balancing family and everything else, and car insurance California.


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