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10 thrifty living tips

Given continuous price hikes and the economy’s instability many of us are going above and beyond just to make things work and to get through everyday expenses. Here are some thrifty living tips!
Make clothes You’ll be able to customize them and you won’t have to spend a fortune on buying signature clothes because you can simply cop whatever look you want. Set some trends!
Go for generic medicines Opt for generic - you’ll save a bundle if you choose unbranded medicines that are just as effective.
Eat in Going to restaurants regularly is expensive. Save up and buy the ingredients and cook a gourmet meal yourself. You want have to worry about giving a tip or corkage fees.
Leave your cards at home If you don’t have a credit card to whip out of your purse – you can’t use it. ‘Nuf said! Do a credit score check regularly to make sure that your credit is in good shape.
Keep a budget list If you have a budget list with you all the time, you’ll be able to control your spending. List down the things that you really need to buy and stick to it.
Eat before grocery shopping This will help you prevent impulse buying.
Take advantage of coupons Coupons come in very handy so be on the look out for them.
Skip the gym You can get the same results by jogging daily and following a diet and exercise routine. Stop paying for the monthly fees and look for a regimen that will suit you and what you want to achieve.
Ask for discounts If you are a student or a senior you show your ID to see if a discount applies. It’s worth asking!
Turn off what you’re not using Reduce utility bills by turning off anything that isn’t in use and unplugging infrequently used appliances.
With a few compromises and a different approach you can get what you want without sacrificing your finances.
Joy Mali is a blogger who shares frugal living tips over the web that encourage people to manage their personal finances.


Michelle said...

Eat in as much as you can! This is something that we are really working on.

Anonymous said...

keeping a budget list helps to control the spendings and when the spendings are in control they lead you to savings. I have budget for every month and I never go without coupons of retailmenot, as they provide me support to save money and be with my savings. said...

However, I do always neglect my cash list and lose track of my paying in a short time! What would you recommend to preserve the self-control?

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