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Veggie chip inspiration

Why should the potato chip get all the glory? There are lots of other veggies that work well in chip format - baking them intensifies the colours and flavours, making them even more delicious. Most veggies will work - all you need is a little olive oil, salt, pepper and seasonings for a great go-to healthy snack for your family. Tightwad particularly loves dehydrated tomato chips. Get your mandolin out of retirement and see these delicious recipes for inspiration!

No Sugar Sweet Life garlic kale chips
The Talking Kitchen baked butternut squash chips
Oh My Veggies garlic rosemary baked sweet potato chips
Tasty Trials asparagus salad with tarragon vinaigrette and garlic chips
The Indolent Cook oven baked spinach chips
The Urban Spork beet chips with garlic rosemary salt
Chow carrot chips


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