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Spending too much on your electric bill?

Complaining about your electric bill? If that is the case, get more charged up about doing the things around your home to save more money. According to  Energy Star, practicing these tricks can keep more money in your pocket: 
 - Switch out your air filter every 90 days minimum, along with turning to a programmable thermostat, could lead to more than $180 in savings annually;
- Drop your water heater thermostat just 20 degrees (140 to 120) can potentially result in savings greater than $400 a year; 
- When you change out light bulbs with Energy Star bulbs, the savings can amount to $70 a year (it is estimated individuals nationwide waste some $9 billion when it comes to energy inefficient lighting).
Lessen upcoming electric bills by taking a look at just five of many cost-saving tactics: 
Nature’s gifts If you live in colder areas of the country during wintertime,  let the sun in. Keep your blinds and drapes open during the warmest times of the day so that the sun can work its way inside your home, allowing you to turn down the thermostat a few degrees. In the summertime, keep the intense heat out by closing blinds and drapes from late morning until early evening. Keeping the heat out allows you to turn the thermostat up a few degrees before the air conditioner kicks in. 
Don’t waste It is easy to head out of a room for a half an hour or longer and leave the lights on. While that time may seem insignificant, your electric bill is increasing with each minute. Consider putting motion detecting lights in your home, especially in the most heavily used of rooms. You can purchase energy-efficient lighting that not only saves you money, but is better for the environment;   
Wash and dry Make sure you get a full load in each time. Turning on the cold water for such chores also saves you money.   
Clean and replace appliances Take a day several times a year to check all the appliances in your home to make sure they are running at full efficiency. Having vents and filters blocked, keeping old filters around too long, never replacing other parts and appliances themselves over time leads to more costs for you. An appliance's weakening condition is costing you more money in the long run. 
Stay alert Are you someone who just likes having the television on for background noise? Doing one or both of these acts eats into your electric bill. The same holds true for computers and other electronic gadgets. If you are planning a vacation, unplug such devices, as they consume electricity even when in the off position.  
While you do not have to be obsessive about saving money on your electric bills, use common sense.
About the Author: Dave Thomas covers financial topics online.


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