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Minimize your biz budget with an affordable website

In the age of the Internet, your business website is the most potent marketing tool you have. The great thing about websites is that they can help you reach millions of new customers all over the world. If you do your homework you can find a reliable website provider who will allow you to create and maintain your website for free. 
No-cost websites Believe it or not, you can make a site at no cost if you just take the time to find the right website host. You can expand the marketing value of your website significantly when you are able to have your website online for free. When you find the right no-cost web host, you will be able to make changes and add updates to your website that will keep your content current and your traffic coming back for more. 
Newsletters A newsletter is a great way for you to answer client questions, keep your customers updated on what your company is up to and offer promotional discounts to clients on your products or services. Another reason for having an online newsletter is to collect email addresses to use for future marketing campaigns. You can offer your clients the chance to sign up for your newsletter with an online form hosted on your website. 
Social media When you use social media properly, it can connect your company directly to millions of prospective customers all over the world. The great thing about your website is that it enhances the power of your social medial network by being the central resource that people can use to get more information about your company. When people show interest in your company through your social networking sites, you can send them right to your company website for more information on your company, or to place an order. 
Online contests If you want to generate new traffic to your website and keep that traffic flowing on a regular basis, then you need to host online contests on your website. When you use your website as the headquarters for your online contests, then you are significantly reducing the amount of marketing you need to do to make your contests a success. You can combine your social networking presence with your website to generate a great deal of interest in your prize offerings. 
Blogs There are several free blog hosts that will help you generate more traffic for your website than you could generate on your own. These are blog hosts that have spent years establishing their place on the Google search results, and adding your blog to their hosting network will help bring more traffic and clients to your website. Be sure to integrate your blog into your website to get the maximum marketing effect.
A website is one of the most powerful marketing tools a company can have. When you take the right steps, such as finding a no-cost web host and linking your site to your social media network, then you can enhance your marketing influence significantly without expanding your budget.


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