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January saving strategies

Now January is in full swing you should be used to tightening your belt financially after a busy and expensive holiday season. Here are some Tightwad tips to help you stay focused. 
Have a bill-payinggame plan’ There are always ways to reduce monthly expenses. Prioritize your expenses and start to cut where you can. If the problem lays in credit card debt, pay the highest interest cards first is the best strategy. 
Enjoy free entertainment Go to the park, start a yoga group with friends, explore a new hobby and find activities that are free. Take up geocaching!
Pack a lunch Plan to pack at lunch as much as possible, and treat yourself once a week to a lunch out. 
Carry cash Take out in cash what you are planning on spending per week. Avoid impulse buys on your plastic!
Strategize Go to a matinee instead of prime time. Find good happy hour drink specials. Go off season. There are lots of ways to spend less if you are willing to compromise.


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