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Buy stuff even when you don't need it!

Let's face it: shopping for cat food, toilet paper, batteries or diapers isn’t very interesting. Yet, when you're out of them, it’s a extremely inconvenient. It’s also a problem because when you actually need to replace some of these items; rest assured you will pay top dollar because you won’t have time to shop around. It’s cheaper and easier to be proactive and stock up on these items when you don't need them. Here are some examples of these household standards that you should stock up on when you see them at a good price. A little advance planning can go a long way to helping you max out savings on necessities. 
Household supplies These items are best bought in bulk, since most have a shelf life of a year or more.
Paper goods There is never good time to run out of toilet paper.
Pet care Items Stock up on necessities during pet site sales.
Nonperishable foods Have a pantry that's been pre-stocked with provisions that have a long shelf life such as cereal, coffee and canned goods.
LED Light bulbs The best bet is to buy up to four LED lights at a time, when they go on sale.
Office supplies Office supplies such as printer ink are expensive. Watch for coupons from office supply stores will keep you well stocked with most supplies. Consider getting compatible generic ink; much less expensive than brand versions.
Batteries If you've got a lot of small electronics, or at least one child, you know the extreme annoyance that running out of batteries can cause. Most battery deals are available with the 12 to 16 unit packs.
Baby products New parents: You will never have enough diapers. Even if your baby isn't two weeks old yet, buy that bulk pack of Size 4 diapers if it's on sale, along with baby wipes if you spot a discount. New parents: you will love diaper wipes. If you are looking for super discounts on baby and mother products, see these netvouchercodes.
Cosmetics Buying cosmetics online rather than from a department store or drugstore can yield huge savings. 


Kari said...

Shampoo is something I do this with.

I find that you might be able to get 1 for $4 but 2 for $7. So shaving a buck off the price just by buying in bulk. There are different supermarket offers at different times so sometimes you'll find yourself stockpiling rather a lot of shampoo because it happened to be a bargain a couple of weeks in a row. If you speak to the staff in the supermarket, usually they are quite helpful at giving you 'secret' tips about when certain things will be discounted. Sunday evenings are a popular time where I live, you can buy bread at $2 per loaf at 11am, but magically at 5pm...the bread is now $0.50! If only I could stockpile 100 loaves at that price huh

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