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Thrifty holiday gift wrap ideas

Why be ordinary? There are lots of "think outside the box" ideas when it comes to wrapping your gifts for under the tree. These ideas are less expensive than conventional wrap, and environmentally better, too.
Thrift stores Check out your local thrift store for rolls of once loved holiday gift wrap, you'll be surprised what you find. 
Oatmeal containers This cardboard containers are the perfect quick-wrap solution. Simply wrap a band of gift paper around the exterior of the container, and stick your gift inside. 
Recycled gift bags Nearly new gift bags can also be found at your local thrift store, or get into the habit of saving all of the bags you receive so that they can be used more than once.
Kids' artwork Save childrens' art work and paintings and you will have a steady supply of wrapping paper. Encourage them to do a Christmas theme especially for the holidays.
Kraft, or brown, paper You can get kraft paper from office supply stores and shipping outlets such as your local post office, or be super crafty and re-use brown paper grocery bags. Stamp the paper to customize it, or spray glitter to jazz it up a bit. A gorgeous bow will bring it all together.
Wallpaper If you have recently completed a home reno wallpaper may be a good option, or check out your local thrift store or Habitat for Humanity for donated wallpaper; you may find lots suitable for the holidays.
Fabric Put your too small to ever use fabric scraps to good use; or use a new tea towel or scarf as part of the present, doing double duty as the wrap.


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