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Go green in the new year

With the new year around the corner maybe you are considering revamping your house with a new appliance or coat of paint. Now is a good time to take advantage of end of season and old model sales. There are many ways to make sure that the new appliance is energy efficient. Here are some tips: 
- Choose EnergyStar rated appliances to significantly reduce your monthly utility bills.
- Front load washers use less water.
- Dishwashers have econo and light cycles which allows flexible water usage.
- Having the refrigerator and freezer as separate units means that the freezer stays closed most of the time. If the appliance comes with a separate beverage drawer, the refrigerator can remain closed much of the day.
- A clean fridge is much more energy efficient. Clean the door gasket to ensure a tight seal so the unit does not have to work overtime to keep food cool. 
- Do not allow the freezer to develop a layer of frost; icy buildup makes the compressor work harder, using more energy and wearing out the mechanism faster.
- Prevent phantom power use by unplugging all small appliances that are not in use.
- Use low-VOC paint. It's durable, looks great and won’t off-gas - leaving an unpleasant paint odor.


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