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Earning Christmas spending money

The appearance of all-things Christmas is a good reminder to start budgeting for this year's holiday season, especially for out of town travel and time off work. Making extra money is the best way to combat significant seasonal expenses. Here are some easy ways to score some extra cash in time for Christmas.
Get a seasonal job Retailers, restaurants and other service providers look for extra help around the holidays. Consider picking up a shift on weeknights or weekends and deposit your earnings into an account earmarked for holiday expenses.
Sell gift cards Since nearly $40 billion in gift cards went unredeemed between 2005 and 2011, it's likely you have a few unused cards jingling in your purse. Sell your gift cards for cash at online sites that give cash for a percentage of the card's face value.
Get paid for chores You can earn money for small chores through TaskRabbit, an online service that allows people to bid on to-do's required by others. 
Use rewards for gifts If you have a good amount of reward points saved up, consider redeeming them for gift cards which you use to purchase gifts - or as gifts themselves. 
Get free services Do you withdraw cash from an ATM every week? Text incessantly for a monthly fee? Pay for your kids' meal when you go out? You can get all this and more for free - you just have to do your homework.
Sell your stuff Consign clothes, auction off accessories and eBay your electronics for extra cash. 


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