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Winter heating savings tips

It's that time of year again...  while Tightwad loves the crisp air, Mr. Tightwad is busy closing windows and complaining about the chill. Here are some Tightwad tips to save on heating costs this year:
Fix those drafts! Use caulking. weather strips or those magic snake thingys at the bottom of your exterior doors to insulate drafts and stop losing warm air.
Turn down the water heater Lowering the temperature to around 120 degrees can reduce your water heating costs up to 10%. 
Have good timing Buy a timer for your thermostat that can be set to peak periods of use for the hom - and turned off when no one is home. 
Use what you have Drapes and curtains will help keep the heat in, and the cold out. Leave curtains open during the day to let the sun in, and closed at night to keep the chill at bay.
Go backwards Reverse ceiling fans to push warm air downwards.
Maintain the furnace Oil fired boilers should be cleaned annually; gas systems every two years, to keep them functioning at high efficiency.
Do your homework Some utility companies offer discounts or rebates on energy-saving products. Call and ask! Save receipts - anything you do to be more efficient may be considered a tax write-off.


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