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Why get life insurance?

Like car insurance and house insurance, life insurance is very important – especially when you when you have dependents. Everyone will need some type of life insurance in their lives. If you are like Tightwad, you may think that having life insurance is an expense that you really don’t need every month, but get over it already because it’s an important consideration in terms of life planning – a decision - and an expense - that isn’t going to go away. Another stumbling block on the road to being insured is that it means you have to consider what it would cost to replace you; and therefore brings up thoughts and feelings about death that you may not be willing to think about that. Think about it: your “stuff” is worth insuring, but you aren’t?
Many people are covered by life insurance through their benefits package at work; but it is worth reviewing how much your work life insurance policy provides and calculating whether said amount is enough to support your family. What happens if you leave your job? Will you still be a “good risk” for a potential life insurance provider?
You need to make an informed buying decision so you feel comfortable with your choice – because it’s not going to get any easier, and it will get more expensive the longer you wait.
Convinced yet? The people at will help you find the best  - and most affordable - life insurance policy for you. They will provide quotes from a number of different insurance providers for you to compare, and help you choose the right policy for you. 
Additional income protection from will give you piece of mind so that even if you see a decrease in your income, you will receive a lump sum of money to replace your loss.


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