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Thrifty shipping

The season is nearly upon us; the time that parcels start making their way across the state, country and world to friends and family to show them you are thinking of them for the upcoming holiday season; a way for you to be there with them in spirit, if not in person.  Here are some Tightwad tips to ensure that your package gets to them in one piece. 
Pack properly Ensure that your goods are all carefully and properly packaged or secured. 
Label each separate item Attach a clear, printed label to the top of every box or item you wish to send. The label should include your name and the recipient’s, as well as addresses and telephone numbers for both of you.
Provide accurate information about contents, weight, etc. If you guesstimate,the recipient of the gift may have to pay the difference.
Timing is everything Your local post office will have a table of estimated arrival times for the holiday season. If you want it there on time, as inexpensively as possible, now is the time to start planning what and when you are going to send it.


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