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Ideas to save this Halloween

Make Halloween very scary for all the right reasons... not your credit card statement! Here are some Tightwad tips for a thrifty Halloween.

Pumpkins Buy pumpkins the day before Halloween - chances are they will be discounted, heavily. If you do get them earlier, don't carve your pumpkin too early or it will be DOA before Halloween. Try painting or stickers to decorate it instead.

Haunt thrift stores Many thrift stores will have a Halloween section completely dedicated to awesome barely worn costumes, accessories and peripherals such as themed platters and candles. Seriously one stop shopping.

Keep it simple Just give out one piece of candy per kid - it adds up quickly! Also open one candy bag at a time, that way you will a) be able to return the ones you don't use and b) be less likely to snack on them yourself. That's key, in Tightwad's opinion. 

Visit your library Get Halloween-themed books from the library; they will have a holiday section stocked with lots of books for kids, cookbooks, music and movies. 

DIY Make Halloween fun with creepy crafts  - here's a great site to start!

Reuse recycle Dig in your tickle trunk for last year's Halloween threads and reinvent them - that's half the fun! Along these lines, there is probably nothing wrong with last year's candy sack... or make your own with a pillow case.


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