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How to save money when travelling solo

While there are many people who cannot imagine taking a trip without a companion, traveling alone can be a rewarding experience. 
Advantages of solo travel There are a wide variety of reasons for traveling alone. For many travelers, it is an opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the culture and atmosphere of the destination, as well as a great way to meet new people. Connecting with other travelers can be a great experience, allowing for participation in group activities with new, unique individuals the traveler would not have met otherwise. Traveling alone also puts the traveler in complete charge of their trip, with daily itineraries planned according to individual without the need to take the preferences of others into consideration.
Tips for saving money while traveling alone One of the best ways to save money while traveling alone is to plan a trip during off-peak times for a particular destination. During the off-season it is much easier to find cheap hotels, low-cost or free admission to attractions, and as a general rule there will be less crowds. It is important to make certain before you book your trip that everything you wish to see and do is open during the dates you plan to travel; some destinations close down for weeks during their off-peak season for maintenance. While eating and drinking can certainly be one of the most enjoyable parts of any trip, dining costs can quickly chip away at a travel budget. A great way to save money is to make use of the neighborhood markets where the locals shop when choosing not to dine out.
Considerations when choosing a travel destination The most important thing to consider when preparing to travel solo is the destination itself. The safety of the locale, its accessibility, and what attractions and entertainment venues are available are important considerations. Perhaps the most important consideration of all is the cost, and in many cases this will be the determining factor when deciding on a destination. Calculating the cost of travel to a single destination is not difficult, but comparing the costs of traveling to different destinations may become tricky since currency exchange rates will differ, and hotel and transportation costs, as well as the fees for activities and excursions, may vary greatly. A simple way to calculate the cost of traveling to multiple destinations and comparing them is to get an idea of what the airfare will cost, after which hotel or resort costs should be compared. Rooms at hotels with the same star rating will be about the same price, although there can be significant differences particularly when traveling during off-peak times. Next, look at activities in the desired destinations, comparing what is available and how much it will cost. Transportation costs must also be considered, so it is important to determine if the destination has good public transportation that is safe and cheap, as well as how much taxicabs and rental cars, will likely to cost.  
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