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Saving money by storing food

Sometimes, when people think of storing food, they think of spending more money on foods you don't need. But, this isn't necessarily true. Frugal living can be accomplished by storing foods your family eats regularly. Storing these foods in your pantry of cupboards can actually help you save money over time.
How to start storing food When you go grocery shopping, check to see if the foods you buy all the time are on sale. Many times, local grocery stores offer larger quantities of food at discount prices. If this is the case with freezable or shelf-stable items that are already on your grocery list, you can save money by buying larger quantities. Instead of buying one pack or one box, buy two. That way, if there ever comes a time when money is tight, you already have extra boxes or packages of items you eat all the time stored in your kitchen.
Switch the types of foods you buy Start paying attention to the foods you eat the most. If you find that your family eats many cans of beans every week, you can save money by buying dry beans instead. You get a much larger quantity of dry beans for the price of a can of beans. They're also much more healthier for your family because you add your own ingredients, versus the high sodium and chemicals your can't pronounce that are in canned foods. You can cook up a big batch of beans and store whatever you don't eat in the freezer for a later date.
Buy foods on sale If you're planning to buy foods to store for later, make sure they're on sale. If they're not, buy them at a later date. If it's something you need now, chances are you probably have it in your storage already if you've been shopping properly. For expensive items that you have to buy now, sacrifice something else instead. For example, if the canned pineapple you need for a special recipe is expensive, get the cheaper brand of potato chips that week. Then, the next time those pineapples go on sale, be sure to get a can or two. That way, the next time you just have to have them, they will already be in your food storage.


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