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Save money - make your own stuff!

In today’s economy, it is important to find ways to save on every purchase, large or small. While many people have become accustomed to paying steep prices for processed foods and packaging that advertises specific brands, they are discovering that they can save money on these products by making them at home with a small amount of effort. Not only are many of these ideas more frugal, but they also offer benefits such as being healthier than pre-made products. The following ideas are listed in order to help anyone begin to make their own products at home so that they can begin saving on simple household items:
Household cleaners Many household cleaners are made up of harmful chemicals and fragrances that can also stimulate allergies and asthma. Instead of buying these cleaners in the store, it is possible to make them at home by using products that are natural and environmentally-friendly. A basic solution of vinegar and water can be used to clean windows, countertops and appliances. Additionally, baking soda can be used in areas that need a good scrubbing. Laundry detergent is often one of the most expensive items that a person can buy for household cleaning. However, this can easily be made by mixing a cup each of vinegar, baking soda and washing soda with a quarter cup of liquid castile soap. Then, one-half cup of the mixture can be used to wash a load of laundry.
Make your own food Food also consumes a large portion of most household budgets. An increase in prepackaged foods and convenience items has caused the prices to skyrocket. In order to save on food items, a person can grow a garden of their favorite fruits and vegetables. Then, extra items can be stored by canning them. Additionally, baking items from scratch such as bread, cakes and cookies can be less expensive than buying a boxed mix of ingredients. For condiments, salad dressings can be made by mixing oil and vinegar, then flavoring the mixture with a person’s favorite herbs and spices.
Homemade beauty products Beauty products have also become increasingly expensive. However, basic facial masks and scrubs can be made using simple ingredients. For example equal parts of oatmeal, yogurt and honey can be mixed to create a soothing facial mask that is good for all skin types. White sugar can also be used as a facial scrub to exfoliate even the most sensitive skin. Finally, mixing one part of baking soda with six parts of corn starch can make an effective powder deodorant that can be brushed on as needed.Saving money on household products can be easily achieved by making small changes such as making items at home. However, according to @JohnLabunski, it is also important to make sure to apply these savings in the areas where they count such as retirement planning. By making smart financial decisions, such as making their own products, a person can begin to live a healthier life that includes a bright financial future.


Tracey said...

Oh, How I love this post!!! I've been really trying to do these things. Making my own detergent, own soap, my own beauty products, baking and canning.. I think if we sustained more of our own life,,, it would prove to be beneficial! Great Post!!

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