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Money saving apps for college students

With each passing semester, it seems that the college experience gets pricier and pricier. Tuition is constantly climbing, book prices are consistently increasing and the number of fees students are charged seems to be multiplying by the second. It's no wonder, then, that so many young professionals are drowning in debt from student loans when they graduate. It doesn't help that many of them struggle to find stable, decent-paying work when they leave school, leaving them with nothing more than a slightly higher than minimum-wage pay rate at a job that may or may not offer benefits. With such a gloomy outlook, it's important that students do what they can to save while still in college, so that they aren't struggling to make ends meet in the real world. Thankfully, there are several mobile applications emerging that help students watch their spending and save. Below are just a few money-saving apps worth a second look.
GasBuddy On top of all of the other expenses of today, students also have to worry about the rising cost of gasoline. Once-economical road trips are now money-sucking vacation options, as companies charge upwards of $4 a gallon for their fuel. That being said, saving a few bucks at the pump can go a long way, especially for a college student with limited means. So, if you're trying to cut back, consider using the free GasBuddy app. Available for Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones, this app allows users to locate gas stations near them and compare the prices. Users work together to update the prices listed, making it easy for each other to find the best deal on the go. So, the next time you find yourself needing to top off the tank, first check the GasBuddy app, your wallet will thank you, even if you are only saving pennies on the gallon, every little bit helps!
RedLaser Another app that should be on every college student's smartphone is RedLaser. A free shopping app that has been downloaded over 19 million times, RedLaser helps users find the best deals around them. It even syncs with certain brands and stores to make it easier for you to make purchases from your phone. Plus if you scan a barcode, you can compare prices on a product from store to store to guarantee you get the absolute best deal for you. Available across cellphone markets—from iPhones to Androids—users everywhere can take advantage of this great, money-saving app.
Yowza!! A coupon app that works with deals around you, Yowza!! is revolutionizing the way people save money. Gone are the days of clipping coupons, as you don't even have to print the deals you find, you can just use the screen shot from your phone. Merchants and shoppers alike benefit from this app as the merchants get more exposure and shoppers get more bang for their buck. The app even allows you to track your results so you can see cumulatively how much you have saved thanks to Yowza!!
So, as you can see, our world is becoming more technologically savvy. The way we do everything from coupon clipping to shopping is evolving at a rapid rate. What's so great about these apps is not only do they help you save money, they make you a smarter, more conscious consumer— a life skill. So, do your bank account a favor and download some or all of these now!
Karen Smith, a former newspaper reporter and globetrotter, is now a freelance writer for various publications and websites. She specializes in answering questions from students who are hoping to earn an online business degree; but she also welcomes comments or questions regarding all educational topics.


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