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Find your inner frugal decorator

How can you still make your home look beautiful without spending money you may not have?
Shop garage sales Browse ads for local garage sales in your town. You'll likely notice that a lot of them are featuring home decor. From Christmas tree ornaments to spider webs for dressing up the hedges on Halloween, these little sales are gold mines. Sellers are often practically giving items away because they just do not want them anymore.
Make your own Here's an excellent idea that works well for both you and the kids, especially on rainy or cold days off from school. Unless you're an extremely skilled artisan, you probably aren't going to be making candlesticks or gold encrusted plates. However, sit down with your children to make ornaments out of styrofoam balls, beautiful pictures of a white Christmas in the country or Halloween masks to decorate the entrance way to your home. If you can sew, make some puppets, stuffed animals or pillows that match the upcoming holidays or the overall theme of your home.
Found items You don't even necessarily have to go shopping or make something new to have beautiful decorations for your home. Try going through that closet that you haven't touched in a few months. Put a woven basket out in the dining room for an accent piece, or place candles throughout the living areas of your house. You might find some picture frames that you can use in a family room or some photo albums that can give a coffee table that "lived in" vibe. In addition to finding some random objects that you can use as decor, you may also find real decor. Maybe you simply forgot about a portrait or a statue that someone gave you when you first moved in.
Savvy shopping Not every type of decoration can be found, made or left up to chance at a garage sale. When you do have to hit the stores, how can you do so with frugality in mind? Visit 99 cent stores that truly sell every item for under a dollar. Many towns and regions of the country are famous for little craft shops that also feature a number of items that can be used for decor. Of course, you should always arm yourself with coupons. Here's another idea for you too: shop for holiday decorations right after the holiday. For example, many people will shop for Christmas 2013 right after New Year's Day 2013. These items are on extreme sales at that time. You might have to use your old ornaments and decorations for this upcoming Christmas, but you'll be all set when next year rolls around.
With a little out-of-the-box thinking it is possible to have a beautifully decorated home without draining your wallet and bank account for the necessary items.
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Theresa said...

The common notion that buying expensive decorators gives that kool look is not always true. A home can be made more beautiful and attractive by going street shopping and buying those cheap stuffs and articles that would add more glamour and art to your walls and ceiling. Being artistic is another way in having the interiors look trendy and bring in a twinkle in the eye of any visitor. Grabbing those articles that were sidelined and pushed in the corner can be collected and made into the best of designer stuff with an extra art head put in. So cheaper stuffs and wastes does have its own value, its just a matter of art, wait and time.

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