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Cosmetics: when to be thrifty; when to indulge

When holding in each hand the same cosmetic by two different brands, one of them priced at $8.00 and the other at $38.00, many of us often ponder “is the one with the fancier packaging really worth the price?” The answer? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Below, we reveal the types of makeup staples that are worth the splurge, and the ones in which buying costly name brand items are honestly unnecessary. 
Products worth spending a little extra on: 
Blow Dryers Without question, a quality blow dryer will dry your hair quicker than its cheaper counterpart. This not only helps save on time, but it limits the amount of heat your hair is exposed to; this helps limit the amount of inflicted damage and dryness caused by your hot tools. 
Foundation and concealer We’ve all seen the consequences of using a poorly chosen foundation or concealer. It cakes, creases, slides off of oily skin, blends badly, clogs pores, doesn’t match the skin tone . . . quality ingredients go into quality foundations and concealers. By purchasing these products from a department store, you have access to free consultations with an expert who can help you pinpoint what consistency works best for your skin. Plus, many expensive brands offer more variations in skin tone, which makes it easier to find your color match. 
Blush and bronzers Not unlike foundations and concealers, luxury blushes and bronzers incorporate superior ingredients that enable blending and prevent the appearance of caking. Additionally, these products can be used for one or two years so a woman can splurge annually on this item instead of once every few months (as is the case with mascaras, eye liners, and more). 
Products you can afford to be thrifty when buying: 
Mascara There is little variation in the formula and factors that go into designer brands and their cheaper counterparts. Major determinants on how a mascara looks is the wand with which it is applied and the age of the product. As previously noted, this is a product that should be recycled frequently; exposure to the air dries out mascara and the pumping motion many of us do to get more ink on the wand pushes bacteria into the substance. 
Shampoo While other kinds of hair products are designed to add enhancers to your locks, shampoo’s main function is to strip away grime and oil. Many companies claim enhancers that justify the climb in price; ultimately, the majority of these embellishments are ineffective as the added nutrients will be washed away with the soap. If you are looking for products that boost your mane, turn to your conditioner. 
Nail polish How a nail polish looks ultimately is decided by the process with which it is applied, not the price. Furthermore, there is virtually no color offered by an expensive brand that someone couldn’t find in a less expensive line. To extend the life of your discount nail job, apply a chip-proof topcoat to your manicure.
Lip gloss No matter how expensive the cosmetic, lip gloss is not built to last. If it doesn’t come off in the first ten minutes of wearing it, it will disappear after your first sip of water. Affordable brands offer a wide host of colors and tints, and lipgloss is generally intended to be transparent or translucent, so richness of color is not a factor. So don’t be afraid to wander down the aisles of your local drug store or buy cosmetics online. You can look like a million bucks without the extravagant spending.


Unknown said...

What a great post!!! As a licensed cosmetologist and frugal mom I agree with with your list with one exception and two things to help save on:

1- I only by cheap blush and bronzer because I rarely use them and since I don't like to keep them around for years on end the cheap ones do fine and I don't feel so guilty about throwing them out only half used.

2- The cheap, I mean REALLY cheap, eyeliners and lipliners use more wax in their formulas which is actually good, even though they don't feel as nice and silky going on they will last longer. You should also sharpen them after each use if you have any sort of infection so that you don't just keep spreading the infection back on. (and throw out your mascara or get disposable wands and only dip each wand in once during any eye infections for the same reason.)

3- You can save even more money on your shampoo and conditioner if you only shampoo your roots which should need no more than a quarter size spot and then work it through the rest of your hair when you rinse and only condition your ends.

caucasian hair colouring said...

You can know when o be thrifty and when to spulrge in cosmetics. Good post

sam said...

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