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Break your spending habit - learn how to save

It is easy to spend money. In fact, spending money actually has a positive physical impact on your body. When you purchase something that you really wanted, your body is flooded with endorphins that make you feel physically good. After a while, your body begins to crave that good feeling, and you will find yourself spending more and more. While this may sound more like a bad habit than a spending issue, the fact remains true. Spending gives us physical pleasure, and everyone seeks pleasure over pain. This type of lifestyle is not sustainable, however, and it is very important to learn how to cut the spending habit and learn how to save. The future is just as important as the present, and if you do not prepare, you could face hardship. How do you quit spending when it makes you feel so good? The answer is not simple, but there are ways that you can cut spending or save on what you do buy, that will allow you to save for your future.
Schedule shopping trips Plan to do all of your shopping in one day of the week, and make sure that you plan to shop for groceries last. By doing this, there will always be an urgency to shop for groceries, and you will spend less at the other stores. By avoiding daily trips to any shopping center, you will reduce the amount that you spend on frivolous goods.
Create a reward system Everyone deserves to buy something for themselves as a reward for a hard week at work. Decide at the beginning of the week what you would really like for yourself when you go shopping. Set a condition that you must save a specific amount of money before you purchase that item. When you meet your goal, you receive the reward
• Use coupons You can find coupons for everything. Every time you save with a coupon, set that amount of money back for your future.
• Take advantage of all rewards programs Any store that offers a reward program to its customers is providing you with a way to save money. Take advantage of any rewards programs that your credit cards or banks offer, these rewards can add up fast. It is also very important to look for reward programs at filling stations.
• Reduce your consumption costs Look over your personal bills. Are there ways that you can save money? Electric costs can be reduced by changing a thermostat by one degree. Cable bills can be reduced by eliminating channels that are never used. Water bills can be cut in half by only watering your lawn once a week. Each time you make an adjustment, you will see your savings grow.
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Theresa said...

Its a tough nut for a shopaholic to crack but if controlled its heaven. Some great simple things listed. I am sure its gives us some extra tips for managing our pockets.

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