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Back to school savings, still!

September can be an expensive month when it comes to school supplies and clothes, but planning ahead will help you get the best buck for your buck.

Shop smart Stores sell items such as pencil crayons and spiral notebooks at low cost in September to get customers in the door. Stock up now on items you know you will need throughout the year.
Sales often extend into September Great savings opportunities can extend into the end of September and stores often offer large discounts to make room for winter and holiday stock.
Do your homework Make an inventory of what clothes, accessories and school supplies are already in the house. List of what is needed and remove what your children have outgrown and donate or hand them down. Doing a detailed inventory may reveal that you already have lots of clothes and don't need to get much in terms of school supplies either.
Procrastinate Purchase one new outfit for the first day of school and put off the rest of the purchases until sales begin in late September.
Second hand doesn't mean second best Thrift stores are a great way to spend some time shopping for clothing. Nearly new looking items can almost always be found at low prices.
Delegate responsibility Back-to-school shopping is a great way to begin handing over some decision making power and give teens a chance to learn basic money management skills.
Big ticket items The best time to purchase a computer is closer to the holidays so delay this purchase if possible.
Comparison shop Shop online or use a smart phone app to compare prices and the prices of standard items such as jeans or a particular pair of shoes.
Budget ahead Have a designated fund for back-to-school shopping. You don’t want to be paying for this year’s back-to-school purchases a year from now.


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