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All the cool kids are doing it: brown bagging it

Okay it's not as easy or fun as going out for lunch, but if you chew on the numbers, you will quickly realize that even if you factored $6/day for a week that's $30... for a month is $120, for a year is... wait for it... $1,440. Tightwad is addicted to a vegetarian panino at her local grocery store. Price: $5.95 (+ tax) = $6.61 x 5/week = $33.05. She's wrestling with the fact that if she actually made the effort to buy all of the ingredients: sundried tomatoes (in olive oil), artichoke hearts, spinach, goat cheese and the special bun that's a cross between foccaccia and a dinner roll, she could really slash her costs (and without all the mayonnaise). A quick investigation reveals:

1 x 210 ml jar of sundried tomatoes = $5.99
1 x 170 ml jar of marinated artichoke hearts = $1.79
1 x bunch of fresh spinach = $1.29
100 grams of goat cheese = $4.49
8 x 100% whole wheat Portuguese buns = $2.99

For the sake of argument Tightwad divided everything by a factor of eight, since there are eight count in the buns. So, $16.55/8 = $2.06! Investigative journalism at its finest. New school year and new attitude. Tightwad is off to make a grocery list right this second.


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