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Thrifty twitter feeds for students on a budget

Okay people it is time to admit it; time to shake off the margarita coma because it's back to school time. Here are some frugality feeds will help students get by on less without having to eat ramen every night (and, of course, don't forget to check out @tightwadblog!)

@wisebread: Tied in with the well-known blog, the Wise Bread feed is a great place to find financial advice and frugal living tips.

@SaveTheStudent: Find daily deals, advice on lowering the cost of college education, and ways to save money on this money-focused feed.

@poorstudents: This college student tweeter shares tips and ideas on how students can save and make money in college.

@FrugalFeeding: Head to this feed to learn how to save money while still eating well.

@thesimpledollar: Learn how to save money on, well, everything when you follow this blog’s Twitter feed.

@BeFrugal: These penny pinchers share ideas for going super frugal on their feed.

@thefrugalista: This feed will teach you how to be a fashionable college student on a limited budget.

@NoDebtMBA: This inspirational student is trying to work his way through an MBA program without any debt. Check out his feed to see just how he’s doing it.

@eMeals: Eat cheaply but deliciously when you use the recipes and meal plans offered through this budget-friendly feed.

@FrugalityNation: This nonprofit organization will help you learn how to save more and spend less.

@shoestring: Shoestring Magazine will help you learn to not only save money but the planet as well.

@youngandthrifty: Get personal finance advice from a Generation Y perspective on this feed.

@brokeinthecity: This broke tweeter shares ways to live large with less.

@the_sfb: While based in the U.K., this feed still offers up solid tips for student finance; you’ll just need to convert pounds to dollars.

@GRSblog: With limited income, you may not have much choice other than to get rich slowly, but this feed can help you every step of the way.

@ramit: Author of the best-selling book I Will Teach You to Be Rich Ramit Sethi shares his input on all things financial here.

@ramseyshow: Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey shares his wisdom through this show’s Twitter feed, offering tips for battling debt, living frugally, and more.

@SuzeOrmanShow: Here you’ll find tidbits from the personal finance expert Suze Orman that can help you to build a sound financial future.

@mint: Mint offers financial advice as well as a great way to manage your budget.

@Green_Panda: Green Panda is all about sharing personal finance information for college students and young adults.

@ILStudentMoney: The University of Illinois offers financial advice for students on this feed, courtesy of the Student Money Management Center.

@StudentMoney101: From FAFSA to taxes, this blog focuses on financial issues that are relevant to students and their families.

@CollegeWallet: Financial advice abounds on this feed created to help students get access to the best resources out there for smart money management.

@FMFBlog: Free Money Finance wants to help you grow your net worth, no matter where you’re starting from.

@moneyexperts: This personal finance-focused feed can help you save big everywhere, from the supermarket to your cell phone bill.

@MoneyUnder30: Get advice catered to the needs of young adults, grads, and college students through this personal finance feed.

@Myuniversitymon: Budgeting, tax deductions, budget eating, and savings are just a few topics covered by this financial feed for college students.

@Coupons: Through this feed you’ll get access to hundreds of coupons that you can use to save on everything from cheese to shampoo.

@LivingSocial: LivingSocial offers different deals every day for restaurants, stores, and other establishments in your area.

@Groupon: One of the most famous deal sites out there, Groupon offers up some amazing bargains on everything you could want to eat, do, or buy.

@collegebudget: Exclusively for students, this deal site shares its amazing discounts each day through its Twitter feed.

@dealsplus: Check with this feed daily to find new deals and coupons for a wide range of sites.

@studentbeans: This deal site is based out of England, but a large number of the deals are good in the U.S., too.

@amazondeals: Keep up with the latest Gold Box deals from Amazon through this useful feed.

@woot: Through Woot you can get access to daily deals on big ticket items like electronics.

@CheapTweet: With more than 25 million deals indexed so far, this feed is an excellent place to go looking for a discount.

@CouponCabin: Head to this feed to learn about coupons you can print and take with you when you shop.

@StudentUniverse: Get hooked up with some great deals for students when you check out the links tweeted through this site.

@inexpensively: Save as much money as possible when you shop by using the tips and discounts at Inexpensively.

@freebieprincess: There is no better word to the broke college student than “free” and this feed will point you in the direction of loads of freebies.

@Univ_Values: Get coupons and discounts that are designed to cater to the needs of broke college students here.

@frugaltraveler: The New York Times‘ frugal traveler shares tips and tools for traveling the world on a dime through this feed.

@statravelUS: STA Travel shares discounts and cheap travel ideas just for students here.

@JetBlueCheeps: Need a cheap flight? JetBlue shares the cheapest available each week on this feed.

@FrugalTravelGuy: This world traveler shares some of the ways he’s traveled the world without spending a fortune.

@PoorCollegeProb: Get a few laughs out of reading through the problems unique to poor college students on this feed.

@BookRenter: Through BookRenter, you can find out how renting your books can save you some money, sign up to win prizes, and more.

@Chegg: Chegg makes it simple to save on college essentials. Learn more about the services they offer and join in on the fun conversations for college students here.

@RealWorld101: The real world is closer than you think, so learn valuable financial and independent living tips now.

@consumerreports: If you’re going to invest money in buying something, make sure you’re getting the best quality by checking the Consumer Reports rankings before buying.


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