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Saving big on holiday accommodation overseas

The rise in competition and demand means travel, especially for an overseas vacation is significantly easier for many of us. Yes of course, there is a bit more effort you need to put in to booking budget deals, such as looking at the small print of cheap airfares online but generally most of us are happy to know that there are affordable alternatives for those special luxuries like a holiday.
For budgeters, travel accommodation at resorts and 5 star hotels are reserved for all included packaged deals. If such specials haven’t arisen, then you would be thankful to know that comfortable holiday lodging does not need to be expensive.
Influential online accommodation ventures offer the chance for those wanting a real cultural experience to stay in private properties with realistic prices. With a varied list of properties from a private room to a castle, Wimdu is getting the travel industry’s attention as they are slowly becoming a serious business competitor.
For more expensive cities like New York, Paris and London, booking a private apartment or house means you get the best of both worlds. A comfortable, private space and paying a cheaper rate than what you would have to pay at a hotel. How about the cute flat pictured above for four people in Paris for $112 a night?
So for those embarking on travel, or even looking for ways to earn extra dollars by opting their property for hosting guests, keep your eyes peeled on this new social way of experiencing the world.


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