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Healthy and inexpensive snack ideas for kids

The "I'm hungry" whine of your child is especially difficult to hear if:
  • You just fed them
  • You just asked them if they are hungry five minutes ago and they said no
  • You are on the go and you have run out of snacks (don't think OnStar can help with this problem)
  • Dinner is being served in about five minutes
  • You just offered them food but they like the look of something you don't want them to eat (ie. doughnuts)
Moms everywhere know this! Here are some great, healthy snack ideas to help keep your kids on the go and you sane.

Fruit Original, right? Why not try a rainbow kebob?
Cheese About an ounce will keep them going... even better with a slice of apple or a rice cake. Kick it up a notch and cut out heart shaped cheese - that's blue ribbon level
Nut butters Peanut butter is a good standby, but what about almond or macadamia nut? Veggies and a healthy dip like hummus
Guacamole and chips
Tortilla roll-ups You can throw anything on there.. .PB + J, cream cheese and cucumbers, cheese and jam, hummus and cheese...
Dried fruit banana chips, dried apricots and apples, kids love them
Stuff pita pockets

What's your go-to snack for your kids?


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