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Crafty kids: rocks!

Did your kids bring back a keeper rock from their vacation? Why not kick it up a notch for them but suggesting that they decorate it?
Steps: Clean and dry rock. Use a pencil to sketch out design on the surface of the rock. Once satisfied with the design, use acrylic paint to fill it in. Allow the paint to dry, and the rock is ready for its new garden home.
Tips: To make this craft easier for young kids, use black paint to create an outline of the design. Once it's dry, they can fill in the outlined areas just as they would a coloring book page.Wiggly eyes, buttons and other embellishments can be added to your design with a glue gun.
For a fun alternative to plastic garden markers, paint the name of each of your plants on a rock.
What you need: rock, acrylic paint, paint brush and pencil.


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