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A wedding for less

The day you tie the knot should be as unique as your individual personalities. Allow your creativity and personality shine through and spill into the details you're sharing on your wedding day.

Craft a story Telling your story as a couple as you approach the altar is a powerful way to connect with your guests and chronicle your journey to this point. Think of every element of your wedding -- from the invites to the wedding favors -- as a chance to craft a story from beginning to happily ever after.

Pick a theme A well-executed theme can add loads of personality to your wedding day without looking cheesy. By picking a theme that's already a hobby or interest, you're likely to already own a lot of materials you can incorporate into the decor.

Pick a repeating element Focus on one element you can repeat throughout the printed materials, decor and attire for big impact.

Go handmade Making decor by hand ensures that the look of your wedding is one-in-a-million. Consider paper or fabric flowers or buy a custom wedding stamp to personalize all of your paper goods.

Shop vintage Shopping for vintage or thrift items for your wedding and reception may save you some time and headache over everything handmade. A vintage wedding dress customized with modern accessories could be the thing that makes your wedding standout and memorable.

Mix'n'match Stick to your theme but allow variations to create a unique look and feel. Think non-matching bridesmaids dresses and a collection of vintage vases of differing sizes in the same hue as centrepieces.

Re-imagine the guest book Set up an iPad to record or photograph guests as they enter, or set up something unique for your guests to sign that you'll incorporate into your home decor (a signed vintage map from your location or a photo matte to incorporate into a framed picture from your wedding).

Festive food Marry at a non-traditional time or place and you can pull off a unique reception for less. Think coffee bar and pastries for a mid-morning wedding, or a long summer weekend wedding on the lake for a laid-back barbecue dinner.

Send off in style Offer wrapped candy for tossing (the kids are sure to clean up without complaining!), release balloons or have your guests create a human arch or a beautiful paper banner for you run through. For a nighttime wedding, fireworks or glow sticks create a fun and colourful goodbye.


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