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Save money on your wireless plan

Did you know that consumers routinely pay up to $1,500 per year on their wireless bills? If you are like Tightwad, you receive your wireless bill and feel like you are overpaying but aren't sure what to do about it. Don't worry! There are options!
Buy a contract-free phone Do not sign a contract. You will lose money, choice and convenience. Monthly plans on contract free services are almost always much cheaper than comparable plans on contract.
Use a contract-free unlimited monthly plan Pay $40-$60 for an all-inclusive, unlimited plan - voice, text, data, the works. Most smaller carriers, known as "Mobile Virtual Network Operators" or MVNO's, use the network and wireless infrastructure owned by the larger carriers. The advantage is that you get access to the reliable network coverage of a large carrier without getting stuck in an unfair and restrictive contract.
Use an online easy-to-use comparison tool to see how much you can save per month by switching to a contract-free service. Enter in how many minutes you use, text and data plan and instantly compare the prices of different carriers to see how much they can save with a MNVO.
Take a bite out of something other than an Apple Other amazing similar high-end products are out there. Visit objective information centres to discuss your needs and pick the best products for you.
Visit online digital communities to learn more about other consumers and their experiences. See product reviews, forums and feedback from experts and other customers.


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