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Gardening supplies: buy online for less

It's often cheaper and easier to shop online for your gardening gear. There's also usually a larger selection from which to choose and you can save money using online coupons. Add bonus... you don't have to search for a shop assistant to come and help you!

Seeds and bulbs Most nurseries have sections on their site dedicated to "new catalogue items" or "customer favourites" to help make shopping a snap. Their websites are usually full of info about each variety, their hardiness and requirements to make choosing the right plants for your garden easier.

Bigger plants Online merchants offer larger selections at decent prices and often offer free shipping on purchases over a certain amount.

Large equipment If you don't have a Home Depot in your area, check out their online offerings of everything from chainsaws to riding mowers, as well as smaller implements. They provide ongoing ship-to-store service and online coupons from for $10 off orders of more than $100.

Chemicals Most larger hardware stores offer a large selection of organic products to help you with your garden, and usually plenty of information about each product. Ask about ship-to-store service to avoid paying shipping fees.

Ornamentation is a one-stop shop for things such as awesome garden buddhas, trellises and gazing balls.

Other stuff Check out eBay or Craigslist for second hand or even new items at great prices, but remember: research whether the seller will cover shipping costs.


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