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What to buy in May

Many of the deals in May cater to graduating students and newlyweds, so now is the time to cash in on the savings on things for your home and for party supplies.

Mattresses and box springs New models of mattresses are released over the summer, making spring a great time to buy last year's model for less.

Cookware Replace that peeling pan. Cookware is a practical and popular gift for couples and college grads, making early summer the best time to stock up on essentials.

Refrigerators Appliances are a "hot" item in the spring, especially refrigerators.

Party supplies Throw a springtime bash and save on party supplies at the same time. Disposable items like plates, cups and utensils are at their best prices in May, though you can always find a good deal on these items at your local dollar store.

Kitchen accessories You can find excellent prices on kitchen accessories during the spring, on deals driven by graduations and weddings.

Picnic and BBQ supplies To entice shoppers away from their competitors, merchants and manufacturers offer great deals on such BBQ necessities as condiments and grilling tools.


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