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Tips for saving on office supplies

Office supplies are one expense line item on which you can easily save money. Here are some tips to reduce the impact on office supplies on your business budget.

Printers Consider all-in-one devices to avoid the additional cost of scanners, fax machines and memory-card readers. Always comparison shop. Consider that you may be able to do without a printer since emails, documents and even airline tickets can now be accessed digitally.

Ink cartridges The rule for saving on ink is to avoid the local office supply store and shop online. You may also consider generic brands sold for a considerable discount from larger stores.

Dollar-store Head to your local dollar store for basics like pens, pencils, memo pads, envelopes, etc. They are also good places to find thank you notes and gift wrap that will give your marketing a personal touch.

Warehouse stores You can save big time with bulk purchases of paper and other supplies at warehouse stores.

Marketing supplies Stationery and business cards are an absolute necessity. Use e-retailers like VistaPrint for inexpensive versions of promotional materials.

Membership Many office supply stores have clubs promising benefits and savings on a variety of products and services. Sign up to receive monthly specials and coupons.

DIY Office furniture can be expensive. The catch on great deals from IKEA is that you have to build it yourself. Maybe you can rope a friend in to help you in exchange for lunch.

Buy Used Check your local Craigslist and Goodwill store or hit garage sales for great prices on pre-owned equipment, furniture, file cabinets and more.

Online alternatives When it comes to software and Internet services, there are options available for writing, editing, file backup, group meetings, video conferencing etc. such as Skype, Dropbox, Yousendit and CutePDF for little or no cost.


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