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Not going broke over the summer

As soon as summer starts to roll around, I start to panic. Why? It's easily the most fun season of the year and you have more options for recreational activities than ever. So why would this incite panic in me? The answer is simple: money. Everyone knows that anything fun costs money, and I for one don't want to go broke this summer. Does this mean I have to sit around in a dark room, humming softly to myself? No, it certainly doesn't. Because I have compiled a list of activities, ranging from free to cheap, that can replace the more traditional (and expensive) summer activities, like vacations, amusement parks, and 24/7 partying.
Getting in touch with my smartphone
Yup, I'm going to download free games and app it up this summer. I plan to learn all about Angry Birds, augmented reality, and Instagram.
I'm going to see what everyone is talking about. I figure if I look at pictures of vacation spots and $20 beach side margaritas I won't need them to be real. I hope.
....Yes, books. Reading. This is something I've been putting off for about ten years now. It's time to pick up that classic books list and start crossing off some big titles. Summer's a good time to kick your feet up on the porch with a glass of lemonade and read a good book.
Antique hunting
While everyone else is hitting the beach I'm going to hit up some antiques shops. You never know what you can find at these places. Often times you can get century old trinkets for virtually free!
Lemonade stand
This was a childhood favorite of mine and I see no reason to not reprise it. It just happens I make a killer lemonade. Why not make a few bucks of it? These are a few of the activities I'm hoping will lessen the temptation to go out and spend money this summer. Because summer should be able to relaxation and happiness, not stress and worrying. What ideas do you have for a frugal summer?


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