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Your wedding - ways to save!

A celebrant, a bride and groom, a marriage license, witnesses... these items are non-negotiable when it comes to getting married. When it comes to the add-ons, there are plenty of thing you can compromise or do without on your wedding day. Save up for a dreamy beach vacay/honeymoon instead - or be really responsible and put the savings into your mortgage. Here are some planning tips to help you stay on budget:

Save-the-dates Skip the printed stationary announcing your wedding date. Use e-vites, Facebook, email and the phone to spread the word. There are a number of free, elegant printables online if you are committed to hard copies.

A professional wedding planner If you're well organized, you can get away without the services of a professional, so long as you have some reliable people to delegate to, like your mom and close friends.

Long lost relatives The more you can trim you guest list, the more money you'll save. Keeping your guest list short will make your wedding more intimate. Consider sending a wedding announcement with a photo after the event to keep everyone in the loop.

Large bridal party While it may look impressive in wedding photos, a large bridal party is going to cause more headache and strain on the wallet than you need. Your friends just want to be there for you, in any way they can, so ask them for their help with things you can delegate.

Bridesmaid dresses Choose a theme or colour and allow your bridal party to find their own dresses that fit them (and their wallet). They'll probably like that option better anyway because they will be able to choose a dress that suits them and they will wear again. Provide accessories as your gift instead.

Professional hair and makeup Enlist a talented friend for their services and splurge by buying new makeup and hair products that you'll have for the honeymoon and months to come.

Formal wedding registry Often brides and grooms already have many of the things they need for their life together. Consider an online wedding registry that allows visitors to register for gift cards from national retailers for things that you will actually need.

A wedding cake No one is suggesting you don't have cake on your big day! But - a little trick - don't mention that the cake you are ordering is for a wedding. The word "wedding" automatically doubles the price. Order a birthday cake instead, in whatever style you want.

Party favours Unless you can pull this off for cheap and in a non-tacky way, skip the wedding favours. No one will miss them. Really.

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