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Picnic must-haves - besides food

Is it warm enough yet? Tightwad is fantasizing about the first picnic of the season. Picnic success is a simple matter of careful planning and packing. The secret? Don't forget any of these items:

- a picnic basket (tote, wicker container)
- a cooler and ice packs so no one gets a food borne pathogenic illness (hmmm note to self: remember ice packs)
- a knife, sturdy dinnerware and utensils
- plates; something to eat off and cups; something to drink out of
- a thermos to keep bevvies cool
- a blanket, quilt or tablecloth
- napkins and a few dishtowels
- wine and a corkscrew
- bottled water
- citronella candles to ward off pesky bugs
- salt and pepper mills
- a garbage bag to pack in and pack out

Life is short! Dine in style!


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