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A pennywise shipper's guide

If you’ve been trying to declutter by selling off old possessions and impulse buys on auction websites, the high cost of posting your parcel to Ireland, Finland, Australia or any other far off destination can be a tough pill to swallow. The cost of postage can make a big difference during a sale, but so can speed of delivery, so how do you make sure you get both?
Couriers are undoubtedly the fastest method of getting your parcel into the hands of its new owner quickly, but if you don’t shop around the costs associated here can be huge. Use a courier comparison service, or, if your parcel is a little larger, a courier bidding website to get the best deal.
Packaging can make a difference to the cost of your delivery: the smaller box you can use the better as this is often how couriers and postal services decide how much to charge you. If you’re shipping something delicate, why not forgo packing chips and instead use bubble wrap, which is cheaper and will take up less space in a box.
Likewise if you have two items to send to one address, combined shipping won’t always be possible. Weigh the objects you’re sending and separate the heavier ones from the lighter to get a better price from couriers – you might find you can get an excellent deal using two different couriers to send each parcel.
If you’re shipping something valuable, don’t think that by not taking out postal insurance you will be saving money. If any harm comes to your parcel in transit, you could end up out of pocket, so ensure you insure before you ship.


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