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Ways to save money without noticing

You could save hundreds of dollars a month - almost without noticing. All it takes is some solid commitment and a little re0rganization.
Cut the cord Say goodbye to phone bills when you cut the cord on your land line and switch to an Internet based phone system or rely on your cell phone and Skype or Facetime.
Switch off You can save about $100 a month by streaming movies, sports and TV shows through websites like Hulu and Netflix.
Downsize Host a garage sale or donate your items to a charity. You may qualify for a charitable deduction for your items. To get a receipt, create an itemized list and take pictures to document what you donate.
Get couponing More organizations are producing coupon books to advertise, and many of the deals offer great savings. Dining is a great example. There are plenty of ways to save 50% on your next dining experience, including online coupons sites such as Living Social, Groupon and MeFindCoupon.
Buy non-brand name items Almost always containing the exact ingredients as brand name products, but usually about $1.50 less per unit, there is lots of room for savings if you can get out of a name brand buying rut.


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