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Tips for sticking to your grocery budget

Sticking to a grocery budget requires tossing out some pricey products your family may have grown accustomed to (such as brand-name products) and changing the way you plan meals. The good news? It's totally doable.
Wait for good deals Save big ticket purchases for instore specials or double coupon days. If you’re planning a special occasion, save now so you can splurge later.
Be detail oriented Know exactly when a coupon expires, how much it’s for, how much more it will be worth on double coupon days and whether or not it’s worth the price in the first place.
Plan ahead Planning a menu for at least three meals in advance; combined with leftovers; should give you five days or more of meals, depending on the meal. This puts you in control of your shopping list; and not the other way around. Instead of always playing catch-up, replacing what you’ve run out of, you buy only when it’s on the menu. Smart, right?
Instead of making expensive food (meat) the star of each meal, design menus that use expensive foods less often For instance, from now on at least twice a week, try using meat as more of a filler than the star of the dish.
At the grocery store, buy only what you can eat Grocery store prices for non-food items are higher than you’ll pay almost anywhere else, so make a hard-and-fast rule and stick to it.
Use coupons, but only for products you actually use Do you really have the room in your freezer?


Mr Frugal Frank said...

i just got mad at myself this week Wasted about $20 worth the food from the last two weeks...Starting to buy items in bulk,My wife and I just completed what we call a eat down...Since we had 6 months to one year supply of food from me buying everything on sale plus using coupons when needed had to use up a lot of stuff before it expired...Even though we had 3 cans of spam and 6-7 jars of chicken gravy that will be put to use as a small treat for our two St Bernards Thank U Mr Frugal Frank

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