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Thrifty prom dress ideas

Spring is here and that means prom dress shopping season is here too, as grads ask themselves the eternal question, "what should I wear?" There are many ways to offset the cost of prom night fashion without sacrificing style. Here are some Tightwad dress-shopping tips to help you save:
Think classic Versatility is key; buy something that you can wear again for special occasions and get more out of your purchase. Look for a basic gown in classic colours like black, navy or grey that could be worn to other occasions. Bling it out for prom night with statement jewelery and killer heels in bold hues.
Go consignment shopping You have a great chance at finding a fabulous frock at the fraction of the original price. Cut your cost even further by selling clothes you no longer wear to the same second-hand reseller for credit toward a future dress purchase.
Get creative Get discount gift cards through online brokers which often yield 10-15% savings before you even set foot in the store. How does it work? People who don't want certain gift cards resell them for less to the broker, who pass the savings on to you, so you may have a gift card with a $100 face value, but you only paid $85 it.
Save at bridal shops Okay so you aren't getting married, but bridal shops carry a variety of of bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for prom. Shop the sale rack and don't discount floor-length gowns at first glance. You can always get it altered for a shorter look and still save.
Rent designer duds If the realities of designer prices are crushing your dress dreams, consider renting! Why not? The guys rent their tuxes.
Get employee discounts Looking for a job? Consider applying at department stores that carry formal attire since employees usually receive significant discounts off merchandise. Some specialty shops may be willing to provide a free prom dress in return for your part-time assistance - ask around, you never know!
Swap at school Most high schools organize dress swaps to help students cut the cost of formal attire. This is a great opportunity to trade your gently worn dresses for something new at a fraction of the cost.


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