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Ode to pasta

Ah, pasta. The sheer variety, the shapes, the sizes, the ingredients - basically the versatility of pasta is one of its many appeals. Pasta is, at the same time, simple and complex. Rustic comfort food. With pasta, afternoon kitchen experiments can become instant family classics. There are no mistakes with pasta (except - everyone can agree - cooking it beyond al dente - surely some kind of punishable offense in Italy) because pasta is the great equalizer, making successful partnerships with any ingredient you deem acceptable to introduce it to.
Eating pasta transports you to a jovial friends 'n' family- filled table setting, dining al fresco in Tuscany in the manner of a Francis Mayes' novel. Not, for example, stuck in a messy kitchen in the middle of suburbia with screaming kiddos, bills to pay, piles of laundry and a sink full of dishes. No, not pasta. Pasta is pure escapism.
One of the reasons Tightwad loves pasta so much is that it is such a good place to hide nutrition-packed goodies that ordinarily your children would bolt from. Bring on the 100% whole wheat noodles with the organic tomato sauce, garlic, onions and any kind of vegetables, and your kids will thank you. Their empty bowls will tell you that.


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