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Keep your clothes in great condition

The best way to save on clothes is, simply, not to buy any. But, since that's next to impossible, just remember that if you select your clothes carefully, take care of them and store them properly, they will last longer and reduce the necessity for replacement. Consider these tips to promote the longevity of your wardrobe:
Follow care instructions "Hand-wash only" is just a suggestion, right? Not. By following care instructions, clothes will last longer. If you have dry-clean only items you may be able avoid professional cleaning fees with DIY kits and use mesh bags for delicates to prevent damage from the washer drum or other garments.
Invest in classics Buying $100 worth of cheap, trendy items is no deal compared to a $100 jacket that will last a lifetime. Stretch your dollar by purchasing discount gift cards at card swap sites.
Wash inside out Avoid fading and reduce pilling by turning your clothes inside out when washing. This is especially important for denim and dark articles of clothing. Don't forget to search your whites pile for sneaky hidden darks before loading it into the washer.
Get out the sewing kit Don't put off simple repairs, just fix that missing button and put your fav blouse back in circulation right away.
Simple maintenance We all have that favourite pair of shoes we can't stop wearing and love, literally, to pieces. Stay on top of their maintenance by getting them re-heeled. Water and dirt can damage shoes over time, especially suede and leather. Apply a protector spray and use a wire suede brush to remove dirt and scuff marks. Keep leather shoes looking good with polish.
Hold onto all sizes Most people change a size up or down every few years - it's best to hold onto these pieces for the inevitable.
Hang vs. fold Hanging your clothes helps them to last longer. For knitwear, keep folded in a drawer or on a shelf - hangers can damage the stitching.
Hang with care Remove plastic from dry-cleaned items so the clothes can breathe and toss wire hangers immediately (or take back to the dry cleaners to recycle). There are lots of options when it comes to finding the right hanger for a particular piece of clothing. Clamp hangers are great for trousers and skirts. Padded hangers with nonslip material ensure suit jackets and pants don't get creased.


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