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How to save on utilities

Utilities, such as electricity, gas and water, are all essential expenses, but they can be quite expensive. Even though utilities are necessary, you can use many methods to decrease costs and save on monthly expenses.

Turn stuff off Do you ever step away from the TV or computer and just leave it on? This might be convenient, but it’s also costing you money (and you’re not doing the environment any favors).

Programmable thermostats A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-program the temperature of your home to your liking. This can be extremely economical in two ways. First, you can make sure that your heat or air turns off when you aren’t home. Secondly, you can find the best compromise between comfortable and affordable, and keep it there. Goodbye wasteful heat or air and hello money in your pocket!

Dress for the weather Your utility bill can also be reduced by wearing more or less clothes, depending on the weather. In doing so, you can likely stand to offset your thermostat by a few degrees, without even noticing it. However, you’ll save cash in the process!

Cook accordingly Cooking meals based on the weather can save lots of money, and you likely wouldn’t even notice it. Create meals during the summer that are cool, such as salads. Or, make sure that your drinks have ice in them and eat fruits such watermelons to hydrate and help you feel cool. In the summer, prepare steaming hot lasagna and piping soup to make you feel cozy!

Install radiant barriers Another method to save is to install a radiant barrier within your attic under the roof. In addition, a radiant barrier can be used on used on windows to prevent cool or hot air from entering or escaping the home.

Change those bulbs An easy energy-saving technique is to replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs. You’ll instantly use 75% less energy than the standard bulbs - and the bulbs also last (much, much) longer.

Green appliances Replace your freezer with Energy Star-compliant appliances. New appliances may cost more upfront, but the savings will be significant over time. Refrigerators that automatically have an automatic power-saving ability are also beneficial.

Seal windows An improperly sealed window can allow heat, as well as cool air, to escape your home. There’s no point in busting your but on savings techniques if it’s all for nothing!

Minimize baths Long baths are wonderful and relaxing, but they also can take up a lot of water. Showers are an alternative that take less time in and use less water. Also, check to make sure that your shower head is not leaking any water and has a consistent flow. To save additional money, a low-flow shower head can help reduce your water bill. These are designed to reduce the consumption of water up to 36%.

Decrease hot water use In addition, hot water consumes more energy than cold water and will most likely a result in a higher electricity bill. Choose carefully when hot water is used, because you use it a lot more than you think. Unless clothes are extremely dirty, you can likely wash them in cold water. Furthermore, don’t forget the benefits of a cold shower during the summer!

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